Our Californian Road Trip

Our California Road trip began in Los Angeles for a few days, after a rare heat wave in the middle of winter, it was nice to leave the busy streets behind us and set off into the sunset to Joshua Tree. We didn’t have much time to explore Joshua Tree as we had 2 full days of photoshoots planned, our sunrise shoot in the National park was other worldly, the perfect backdrop for our Dusty Skies collection to come to life, next stop was our awesome vintage Dodge RV we hired as our adventure mobile to tell the story of our Desert Trails collection. The roads were dusty and the winter weather really heats up in the derset, after a...

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The Making of our Lovers Picnic Basket

Inspired by our passion for vintage baskets, We have crafted you a timeless picnic accessory... Our Lovers' Picnic Baskets honours the traditional craft of weaving, allowing us the chance to work with artisan Women in Vietnam. Perfectly imperfect, we embrace the unique character of our handmade baskets, paying tribute to the craft of weaving. Each basket has its own unique shape and imperfections making them one of a kind. We hope you love it as much as we do!   Shop The Lovers Picnic Basket.

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