Life on the ranch David Higgs, fashion photographer and adventure seeker...

David Higgs, fashion photographer and adventure seeker chased the sun all the way to LA back in 2017 when he relocated from Melbourne in search of personal/professional growth, and the excitement of the unknown.


What originally drew you to LA? What do you love the most about living there now?

 I was originally drawn by the weather, as someone who predominately shoots with natural light, moving to such an amazing climate, with incredible location access was a no brainer for me. Plus the sheer amount of opportunities that exist in this city, the population size, the access to the biggest talent in the world really opens the doors to an exciting work lifestyle.

It's the excitement of anything can happen, this city has no limits to what is possible, we can drive an hour and hit the desert, and hour to the snow, 30 mins to the beach, and be shooting some of the worlds biggest names. Everyone here is also on their creative journey, and the talented people you get to work alongside is second to none.


Something really unique to LA is the variety in landscapes that are just a short road trip away. What’s your favourite weekend destination//Do you have any recommendations for a weekend adventure?

That's a tough one, because that can be a seasonal answer haha, in winter you can see snow from the desert. But, I just love the desert, Joshua Trees and sand, whiskey under the stars. I don’t think I'll ever get sick of the Southern California desert.

Suggestion! Head Nth to Palmdale, turn right, and start tracking through the Antelope Valley, you’ll get the Joshua Tree vibes, without the Joshua Tree drive, from there, track up the back road to Big Bear, if its winter hit the snow, if its summer, hit the lake, and hike! 


We hear you’ve been working on an exciting new project?

 Yes! The pandemic bought clear issues in terms of being a photographer, so I acted on an idea I’ve always had, we purchased 2.3 acres of desert land a bit over an hour from LA, sprinkled with Joshua Trees, and views of snowcapped mountains.

Leaning on a few mates, we built a Tiny Home from the sand up, no plans, just winging it! We have built it off grid, with solar power, compostable toilet, and now have a little slice of the desert to our own. With the plan to also use for photoshoots, and films.

Obviously the world made it hard for me to get home, and it's been a long time since seeing my folks, so, to make sure I always have them in my mind, I named it Clairebella Ranch, after Mum. Considering putting in an outhouse, named it after the Old Man ;)


My love of the TV show Yellowstone, has since taken us north to Montana, and, with 20 acres, on the Yellowstone River, we are doing a similar project, but the house itself will be on a much bigger scale. We named this one Greta Valley Ranch, as it reminds me of the farm I grew up on with my family in Greta Valley, a slice of home here in the USA. It will also be off grid, and we cant wait to spend winters in the snow, and summers fishing on the river.


What’s been the biggest trial and triumph of the journey so far?

Trials first, we had no running water within 10 miles of the house, and with summer days hitting 45 plus degrees, making concrete for 24 stumps to build the house, while living in a tent, was definitely a journey, think 3 days straight was the longest I did!

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